16,100 people crammed into a small meeting room to listen to Mavenir on 5G

In Singapore during the 5G Conference held 10-12 September , Mavenir engaged EASTWEST PR to capitalise on the presence of 3 senior executives who would fly in from Texas and Australia. Through a media round table, and an analyst workshop, we secured 10 pieces of coverage for Mavenir, with an viewership of 16,100 within 14 days of the event. This is truly the power of PR. We made the most of the time we had with team. Our team invited and co-ordinated the travel for media from ASEAN countries who otherwise would not be attending the 5G conference but who would have an interest to tell their readers about the benefits of virtual radio area networks (VRAN) for the rapid and cost-effective deployment of 5G. In the afternoon we hosted 9 telco analysts  (Analysys Mason, Broadband Gurus Network, Counterpoint Researcher, GSMA, GSA, Canalys, Heavy Reading, Pioneer Consulting Asia) who came to hear Sam Saba and the team share their vision for 5G. In the evening, Mavenir awarded ‘Best RAN Technology’ and we were on-site to take the photos. Posting to our own channels garnered over 3,000 views in 24 hours going on to amass over 4,000 views. Results Achieved: Using the excellent coverage book – we generate these great stats to complement the amazing coverage.

  • Coverage generated from media in the Middle East, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines; key markets for Mavenir.


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