18 Weibo Tips That You Must Know (I)

18 Weibo Tips That You Must Know (I) Worry about your weibo’s (microblog) poor follower population? Feel confused about how to microblog? Here we have 18 tips about microblogging that you have to know.

  • Post your microblogs at the right time. Generally speaking, weibo users are active from 10 a.m. to noon and from 10 p,m. to midnight, and they are usually sluggish from 3 a.m. to 7 a.m..
  • Speediness is a core concept of internet marketing. When your company gets in trouble, try to make it clear by posting a microblog as quick as possible.
  • Post questions. Topics that have the potential to generate public discussions are great resource for your microblog posts. Ask a question like ‘How would you like to describe Chinese social media’s current situation in one sentence?’ on your weibo. That’s what Starbucks China did during their 40th anniversary celebration.
  • Sometimes it’s necessary to be practical. It is very productive to offer helps to your customers by responding their microblogs. Posting some information about your coming products is a good move as well. Dell China often teaches some PC using tips through their weibo, and it also responds to its customers’ comments on Dell’s products.
  • Update industry news regularly. If you are not a prestigious company well-known global wide, you will find its hard to get enough followers just by posting news from your own company. Those big names can get followers without any reason, but this privilege is hard to get. However, updating some industry information regularly can be seen as an alternative to get this privilege.
  • Add comments when you forward other people’s microblogs. That is, don’t simply ‘retweet’ a microblog without adding any comment.
  • Categorize your microblogs by putting them into titled folders with respect to their different topics. To store you microblogs in different folders is a good way for you and your weibo readers to retrieve your previous microblogs. Those titled folders can also increase your online visibility.
  • Be alert to contemporary social issues and say something about them; while, make sure your comments are positive to your company’s public figure.
  • Hold online activities. This not only helps you building your relationship with your clients and customers, but also improves your visibility, reputation and public relations. Starbucks China holds ‘How much do you know about Starbucks?’ section on their weibo account every month, which is a very smart strategy to build their business-to-customer connections.

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