18 Weibo Tips That You Must Know (II)

sina weibo sina weibo 18 Weibo Tips That You Must Know (II)

  1. Search for industry keywords, find out ongoing discussions and join them. For example, if you are a car company, you can search for “Want to by a Cruz?”. By doing this you can find out your potential customers and build your relationships with them.
  2. Interact with your followers. Interactivity is the threshold for digital media relations, which differs from traditional media relations. Respond and forward your followers’ microblogs and pay attention to those who tag you in their microblogs. Therefore you can make your followers feel that it is a man with blood and thoughts but not a robot who is behind your weibo account.
  3. Being nice, saying festival greetings for example.
  4. Make full use of the 140 characters limitation for one microblog. Never just tweet a webpage address with nothing else.
  5. Avoid any kind of verbal battles, quarrels or inappropriate wording.
  6. Make your microblogs combination of words and pictures. A picture is always more attractive and understandable than its description.
  7. Don’t leak out any business or personal information which should be under protection. It matters not only to your business, but also to your professionalism and character.
  8. Learn how to use @. This will help your weibo to become rather a platform than simply a press release.
  9. Make your weibo profile a unique theme, which can very effectively help you to show your company’s culture and values. Designing your own profile picture and backdrop is the easiest way of doing this.

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