CHEERS Wines Opens New Beijing TopWin Wine Bar Concept Store

Briefing CHEERS Wines, a Swiss-owned wine retail company established in Beijing, has opened its first shopping mall wine bar concept store in Sanlitun TopWin center. EASTWEST PR was appointed by CHEERS Wines to help spread this news to its targeted consumers as well as its potential franchisees. The key message of this announcement is to share the company’s positioning, which is bringing in affordable mid-priced wine to the dynamic young Chinese generation, and educating them that wine drinking can be a fun and affordable drinking experience. Another element of this announcement is also to introduce CHEERS wines’ franchisee business model to attract more potential business partners. CHEERS Wines TopWin Store                                                    CHEERS Wines TopWin Store Strategy As this is CHEERS Wines’ first official announcement made to the Chinese media, therefore we sit down with the client for an in-person meeting to discuss their business objectives, with an overall understanding of what makes the company different. From there we suggested a Chinese press release as the best approach with the budget given. CHEERS Wines community                                                     CHEERS Wines community Instead of just another wine retailer, we took a more tailored approach by sharing the company’s entrepreneurial culture as a key element for both consumers and potential franchisees. We also made sure a relevant news angle is in line with client’s brand positioning targeting at young Chinese consumers is reflected in the press release. EASTWEST PR’s work scope include: drafting press release; selecting relevant business and F&B online news portal, media pitching, following-up and coverage clipping. Results15 pieces of media coverage were generated within a week following the press release from both business, lifestyle and F&B sectors, including:

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