3 Trade show marketing tips

Surveys with over 500 trade show exhibitors and attendees in China and abroad reveal that even in the midst of recent technological changes, exhibitors and attendees still value trade shows activities. To be specific, why are the trade shows still a key component of most companies’ marketing efforts? The following proves that trade shows are still a powerful marketing medium and a key component of marketing mix and will continue to help drive their success.1) Exhibit locally, distribute globally;2) Provide an opportunity to reach many potential customers, investors, industry analysts and journalists over a very short period of time;3) Offer a huge opportunity to gain exposure for your company’s brand image;But how to get your business noticed before, during and after the show to maximize it effectiveness and drive marketing results? Here we share some tips for leveraging your participation in a trade show. First, to plan for a Product Launch at a Trade Show, including media lists, a website for posting exhibitors’ news before, during and even after the show, and special packages and pricing with service providers. These benefits can be especially helpful to a business with limited resources. Second, to secure media interviews, and to plan ahead, send out e-mails to reporters who’ll be attending, be sure to initiate contact at least two weeks prior to the show and look for opportunities to secure speaking engagements. Speaking engagements require extensive planning and creativity, so start early and identify several themes you’re comfortable discussing. Don’t focus solely on topics directly related to your business. The most enticing speakers are those who can branch out beyond the standard subjects.Third, you should also consider asking the trade show management about their PR plans. In many cases, there’ll be opportunities for riding the coattails of the show’s promotional activities. For example, if they’re issuing a news release about the event, consider asking if your company can be listed in it as an exhibitor; or offer your participation as a case study for their marketing materials.The most effective tradeshow marketing and PR programs leverage multimedia assets to deliver real value to a show or exhibit by engaging target audiences with compelling messages and relevant information.  

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