5 Social Media Monitoring Solutions Useful In Asia

Previously,  we spoke about how Social Media is flinging doors wide open, presenting opportunities for organizations to tap into the Asia market.  In November 2011, Christian Dougoud gave us a list of predictions on social media trends and moving along, Daniel identified the trend that B2B Marketers were using Social Media. While it seems that social media has been on the lips of organizations far and wide, the focus is starting to shift towards how the usage of such a powerful tool can be interpreted into quantifiable results.  Today, we discuss the various social media monitoring solutions useful in Asia that can help your organization tap into the various corners of the Internet.

Created in April 2009, Meltwater Buzz is a social media monitoring platform that monitors, tracks and analyzes user-generated content on over 200 million social media sources such as blogs, microblogs, forums, Facebook to help a brand understand its user sentiment and gauge competition. It allows the user to identify conversational trends, both positive and negative which allows a swift reaction from the user to address the issue. Other features include identifying influencers in the social media network, where the user is able to identify individuals whom are opinion leaders on your brand. All collected analytical data is stored in one intuitive dashboard and personal support from their Social Advisors is provided for the duration of the subscription. Clients: Bausch & Lomb, Porsche Automotive North America, Vita-mix


Founded in 2006, Radian6 works with the ideology that intelligence about online conversation is critical: companies need to know what is being said about their brand, industry and competitors online. Through this methodology, Radian6 works with brands the goal of growing the business via detailed, real-time insights by measuring, analyzing and reporting on their social media efforts.  The summary dashboard measures latest trends and sentiments online at a glance by monitoring across more than 100 million social media sites. This is supported by an engagement console that allows the user to coordinate internal responses to external activity by immediately updating all registered social media channel accounts in one go automatically. Clients: Microsoft, Pepsi, Adobe

Sysomos Heartbeat

Sysomos’s Heartbeat is a real-time social media monitoring and measurement tool that provides updated snapshots of social media conversations. Heartbeat organizes conversations, manages workflow, facilitates collaboration and provides ways to engage with key influencers. The latest Facebook Integration allows users to monitor public conversation on Facebook by tracking user activity, top keywords and top fans on Facebook pages. Heartbeat offers sentiment analysis by identifying the most influential bloggers and Twitter users that write about the company or competitors. Clients: IBM, Nokia, Shell Oil, Citi


Founded in 2007, Spiral16 monitors, measures and analyzes digital content of a brand and compares results with those of top competitors.  The goal is to interpret upon the gathered data to monitor the effectiveness of the brand’s social media strategy and sentiment online. Spiral16 analysis and reporting services show what the collated data means and identifies useful trends and support strategy development and execution. Clients: Toyota, Cadbury, Lee


Lithium monitors search-specific mentions and sentiment in social media outlets. The service aggregates information across a variety of platforms including blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and arranges them into graphs and numbers as a summary of the brand’s online presence. It assesses online sentiment surrounding the brand’s pre-, mid- and post campaign, which will allow the brand to react to adjusting its strategy accordingly. Clients: Barnes & Noble, Coca-Cola, Disney Online Know of a better recommendation? Feel free to leave a comment below or contact us at EastWestPR Source: Social Media Biz  

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