The UnNoticed Entrepreneur book launched with 50 articles on technology and tips from fellow entrepreneurs.

London: 23.08.2021. EASTWEST Public Relations Group has published its debut book to provide entrepreneurs with actionable advice on getting noticed for free by using the SPEAK|pr™ approach and technology. The 244 page book is a companion publication to the highly successful podcast, The UnNoticed Entrepreneur, which aims to support business owners with practical information on what they can do to grow their business profile without the use of an external agency. The book is available online in major platforms including Amazon and Barnes & Noble via the Ingram Spark self-publish service.

The EASTWEST PR Group, founded in Singapore in 1995 by Managing Director Jim James, started the ‘UnNoticed Entrepreneur’ initiative in 2020. The mission of the podcast was to support business owners during COVID who needed to promote their business at a time when conventional means of marketing were out of reach. The show features interviews with entrepreneurs, technologists and experts and explores best practices at the intersection of technology, communication and business. The podcast is one of the top 10% most popular shows out of 2,622,502 podcasts globally, ranked by Listen Score (the estimated popularity score).

The UnNoticed Entrepreneur book is a curation of 50 interviews with information on technologies and strategies business owners can use to raise their profile and to get ‘Thymōs’ or recognition. The book introduces the 5 stage methodology developed by Jim James called ‘SPEAK|pr™’ to structure the 50 articles into a framework for the reader. The acronym stands for ‘Storify, Personalise, Engage, Amplify, Know’ and is the basis for an online training program.

“There is vast value locked up in companies run by entrepreneurs and this book is going to help to release that equity by sharing simple and free ways to communicate consistently and effectively,’ says Jim James.

The book covers a full range of topics from story telling to technology applications, from pr skills to voice coaching, the impact of artificial intelligence and considerations for podcasting. Guests are experts, technology developers and entrepreneurs drawn from around the world including: podcaster and author John Lee Dumas, branding guru Jerry Foster, the worlds most industrious story teller Park Howell, Vayner Speakers CEO Zach Nadler, author of the Martech list Scott Brinker, oral care pioneer Howard Kaufman and lumenologist Dr Shelley James.

The UnNoticed Entrepreneur Book
Published by EASTWEST Public Relations Ltd
ISBN 978-1-7399322-0-6

Contributors: Aaron Perlut, Alex Greenwood, Ant Bohun, Ant Cousins, Anthony Hayes, Arvind Murali, Audrey Wiggins, Bant Breen, Brandon Watts, Catherine Griffin, Chris Martin, Chris Robinson, Cory Warfield, Dan Morrison, Drew Stone, Dr. John Ricketts, Dr. Shelley James, Dr. Stylianos Kampakis, Eric Mitchell, Frans Riemersma, Gerry Foster, Guillaume Portalier, Helga Zabalkanskaya, Howard Kaufman, Jimmy Cannon, Joanna Drabent, Justin Goldstein, Laura L. Bernhard, Martin Barnes, Mia Masson, Michelle Griffin, Morry Morgan, Nigel Sarbutts, Nitin Pandey, Omri Hurwitz, Park Howell, Paul Hourihane, Peter Dorrington, Sabrina Scholkowski, Sander Nagtegaal, Scott Brinker, Sebastian Rusk, Sophie Clark, Stapho Thienpont, Tim Williamson, Toni Kaufman, Ugi Djuric, Zachary Nadler



Founded in 1995 in Singapore, the EASTWEST Public Relations Group is an independent agency founded by British entrepreneur Jim James. EASTWEST offers strategic and integrated communications services to clients across Asia Pacific to help them meet their business goals. EASTWEST specialises in highly technical industries such as enterprise technology. The Agency has offices in Singapore and the UK, with an extensive partner network across Asia Pacific including China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and India.

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