8 Reasons Why You Should Use a PR Agency

This guest post is by Ving Chou of VC Marketing.Reasons to use PR Agency No matter how small or large your company is, Public Relations (PR) is an important tool for any business to stay competitive in any industry sector. Businesses may either prefer to keep their marketing and public relations in-house, use an external PR agency or use a mixture of both. Managing and controlling public opinion about your company can usually make or break your business and can bring big rewards if PR strategies are implemented successfully. If you’re still undecided on whether to bring in an external PR agency, here are 8 reasons why you should use an external PR agency:

  1. Outside Perspective –An external PR agency can usually provide an outside perspective that an in-house PR team can miss.
  2. More Objective – PR agencies usually work with a variety of clients so can provide the most objective suggestions and strategies that can work for your company.
  3. Cost-Effective – Hiring an external PR agency can sometimes be more cost-effective than using a new in-house PR team. For example, if you are a new start-up business.
  4. Value-Added Services –Most PR agencies can usually offer other value-added services to further strengthen PR strategies related to media relations and digital media.
  5. Limited Time – Using a PR agency can simply save time and money if you simply do not have the time or resources to do any PR. This frees up time for you to do other important tasks.
  6. New Ideas – Even a good in-house PR team can run out of good ideas so bringing in an external PR team can instantly revitalise and bring fresh ideas to the table.
  7. Maximise Exposure or Launch – Especially beneficial for small businesses, an experienced external PR agency will have already established relationships with key journalists or key influencers within the media that can bring instant rewards and exposure. A PR agency can usually maximise your company’s exposure to the media meaning your brand, product or service can get instantly noticed.
  8. Launching a New Business – Hiring an experienced PR agency can usually get your business off the ground and noticed more quickly than if you hired a new in-house team because having already established network of media contacts can usually guarantee some coverage to your new business.

What are your experiences of using an external PR agency? Share your comments below. About Ving Chou Ving Chou is the founder and creator of the VC Marketing, which covers anything and everything to do with online marketing, social media and SEO.  You can learn more by following him on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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