90% of social media users in China are "lurkers"

content-creation-boxIn most online communities, there exists the 1% rule or the 90-9-1 principle, which states that only 1% of users contribute content on the internet, 9% of users edit or modify content, and 90% of users are "lurkers" who read, observe, but don’t contribute content. As social media is becoming an increasingly important channel for marketing, more and more companies are targeting that 90% of users to produce increases in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives.

During the EASTWEST second roundtable forum last week, the topics of how to create compelling content to attract audience and leverage their participation was of interest to everyone. Here I’ve translated some of valuable points for creating compelling content.  Also, you can  go to Youku to view the video of the second EASTWEST roundtable on content creation. Contributors Shen Luzheng CEO Beijing Jiangtai Shidai Information Technology Corporation Sonia Ai CEO China Focus Interactive Zhang Xiaohong General Manager PR Zero Miao Naichuan Lionfish Ventures Managing Partner Chen Shihong Internet Strategy Counselor Lv Wenlong Reporter Internet Weekly 1.  Tailor your content to social communities One-size-fit-all marketing strategy is obsolete. Social media require marketers to create their content based on the audience and the type of social groups. Take stock of the demographics of the online communities and identify the topics that would keep your target audience interested and meet their needs. 2. Write SEO content Writing SEO content begins with choosing keywords & phrases. Your target market will reveal exactly what they’re looking for by typing keywords and phrases into the major search engines. Tools like Baidu SEO Rank allow you to analyze the popular keyword phrases and their search volume. 3. Use hot topics & trends to create your content Keeping track of hot topics in the news will give you a better sense of what’s popular and what people are talking about. Once you get a good sense of what your particular social crowd likes, create your content that caters to your target audience and promote it like crazy. Hot topics such as the launch of China’s first manned spaceflight, Super Girl Contest (American Idol-like singing contest), and Shanghai Expo generated widespread public excitement in China. Mengniu Dairy, the country’s leading dairy company, integrated these hot topics into its content creation strategy and made a huge success in marketing. 4. Keep your content in line with social values We know from experience that online users like passing on an informative and/or entertaining content to other users. However, most entertainment-oriented messages fall into a handful of themed categories: sex, animals, violence, and stupid people doing stupid things. Overall, China is still a conservative society and most of these contents are not suitable for corporations for marketing purposes. Corporations need to create content in line with accepted social values and behaviours. 5. Create call to action content Call to action tactics are most used in video marketing or viral marketing campaign. During EASTWEST roundtable forum, marketing expert Shen Luzheng maintained that all contents need a call to action to mobilise your users and create participation. In this case, you need to announce some discounts or exciting offers, which can encourage your users to complete a call to action. In case you want to create a sense of urgency where you want users to act right then, you can uses alluring phrases like: order now and receive a free gift! A call to action content makes it possible to measure how your content is shared. To find out more how to create an effective content strategy, contact us at pr@eastwestpr.com

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