A Case Study on SEO from Sina Weibo

Sina WeiboAccording to a case study on Sina Weibo SEO, ‘Take the shot and save our senior single ladies”, a user on Sina Weibo, dramatically got more than 6000 fans within 2 days. ‘Take the shot’ is certainly neither a super star nor a professional blogger. But as a John or Mary in China, how can you accomplish such a‘mission impossible, to get more than 6000 fans in 2 days? This phenomenon is rather a case study in Serch Engine Optimization (SEO) than a random accident. Let’s take a look of how this user ‘take the shot’ got more the 6000 fans within 2 days. Generally, there are two criteria for a microblog to become popular.

  • quality proven of its contents
  • easy to reach

Here, it’s simple and straightforward to define which microblog is quality proven and which is not; to be fascinating, humorous, easy understanding and related to social issues can definitely make a microblog popular and ‘qualified’. But how can a microblog to be easy to reach? There are still two criteria for this.

  • related to ‘hot topics’
  • ‘liked’ by leading microbloggers who have thousands of fans

Here we need some more explanations on that. For Sina Weibo, there’s a application of ‘hot topics’ for each user. Users can use this application to get in touch with hot issues being discussed on Sina Weibo. If a microblog or the name of a blogger maintains the key words of the ‘hot topics’, it might be put into the ‘hot topics’ automatically by the Sina Weibo system, and by this means, it can be viewed by only a click from Weibo Users, and this can help the microblog to get millions of hits. At the same time, there are some leading bloggers in Sina Weibo, who have thousands of fans. They are primarily celebrities and professional bloggers. Once they ‘like’ a microblog, their thousands of fans will be able to notice their ‘like’, and these fans may ‘like’ the same microblog as well, and with this process, this microblog, which is first ‘liked’ by star bloggers, can turn to be popular in a short time, and in a dramatic way. But how does the blogger ‘take the shot and save our senior single ladies’ make the hit? Essentially they meet our criteria. First of all, without any doubt, its blogs are competitive in their quality. The topic of guys and girls is always stupid but rigid. Then, let’s take a short look at the name ‘take the shot and save our senior single ladies’ itself. In nowadays China, as the issue of marriage gets more and more fierce, ‘senior single ladies’ (大龄女青年) has already become a major topic for the whole Chinese society. Sina Weibo And it’s not hard to understand that Sina Weibo would like to put a name contained such a key word to the category of ‘hot topics’. And with the mechanism we discussed above, with the help of the application ‘hot topics’, our microblogger ‘take the shot’ became very easy for most of the bloggers to know and to reach. With all these, our blogger became a leading microblogger phenomenally, making more than 6000 fans within 2 days. The sucess of ‘take the shot’ is rather a case study of SEO for the industry of microblog. The concept of SEO, to make it simple, is to try to get more hits through multiple media. And if we look at what ‘take the shot’ has achieved, we find that it is parallel to the concept of SEO. ‘Take the shot’ uses its qualified Weibo content and successful propaganda strategy to make itself a star blogger in 2 days. What it has done can be seen as the SEO for microblog industry. As microblog is becoming an increasingly active social network and media platform, microblog SEO, or, in China, Sina Weibo SEO, is certainly becoming a prospective way of SEO in the future. Want to get noticed on Sina Weibo? Contact us here.

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