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Summar SEOy: An Interview of SEO Expert Zhang Guoping by phpwind—A New Stage SEO Zhang Guoping, a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert in China, received an interview by phpwind in June, 2011. Zhang Guoping started his career as a website engineer; in 2002, he made his first website and initiated his career as a SEO specialist, and recently, he got a job offer from internet business bigwig Alibaba. Brilliant, experienced, original, Zhang Guoping has become one of the most influential SEO experts in China. In this interview, he expressed his unique and insightful understanding of the concept of scientific SEO. Here are some highlights of this interview. I. ‘Scientific’ SEO. SEO is a science, so it should be done in a scientific way. However, most of our (Chinese) SEO people are learning SEO from the internet, and unfortunately, most of the SEO information on the internet is amateur, pseudoscientific, or we can say, deserted. Those methods and concepts are for the last decade. They should have retired now. SEO As a result of this situation, many of our young lads are starting their SEO journey from a wrong path. They are learning the once famous but now outmoded SEO philosophy, and they never get a chance to question the methods they are learning. I do appreciate the environment I had when I first got in touch with SEO. There were not such many false information and quacks, and I was able to think and learn with independence. So here we got my point. The reason why I made up the term, ‘Scientific SEO’, is to stand against nowadays amateur, outmoded and pseudoscientific SEOs, to make the public understand that SEO is indeed a science, and to get more public attention on SEO in order to call on more people doing it. II. What is a ‘Scientific SEO’? A scientific SEO must be data-based and systematic. Non-professional SEOs can tell you what to do, but they can’t tell you why you should do it and what the impact is going to be. However, a scientific SEO answers the questions of what to do and why you should do it at the same time. It obeys the discipline of science: First we collect data, then find out functionary variables, and at last we create models to take the control of the variables. Scientific SEO must come from some very simple laws of human behavior and search engine behavior, and we use a scientific thinking to put these laws to rules, and rules, variables; variables, models; models, SEOs. Scientific SEOs must be easy to understand. Non-professional SEOs start from details, but scientific SEOs always look at the whole picture. III. How to do a scientific SEO? SEO Do your SEO professional Personally, I would suggest our SEO people to forget your current SEO knowledge as much as possible, and start from a new ground zero. To start your journey of scientific SEO, first you must know the working mechanism of websites. Then, you need to understand what is happening between websites and search engines. I would like to suggest our folks to try to make some websites and search engines by yourselves. That is the best way to understand how websites and search engines work. After looking at websites and search engines’ structures, we also need to find out some common variables which can affect our websites’ visibility. When we do this, it is rather to concentrate on basic laws and rules about the interaction between websites and search engines than to look at detailed arithmetic of search engines. Finally, we should turn our focus to people, to our fellow search engine users. We need to investigate their searching behavior, for example, their wording and searching habit, which key words they would prefer to use, and so on. IV. Some final thoughts. All in all, ‘scientific SEO’ is only a key word itself. Even though time has changed, but the core concept of SEO always stays there; that is, to improve websites’ visibility on search engines and benefit from the improvement. We never do SEO for doing SEO. We do it for a better visibility of our websites. If we can keep this concept in mind, we will always be able to follow the right track and get to the right place.   Want to have a professional, scientific SEO service? Want to get to the right place now? Get it at www.eastwestpr.com

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