An Online Hub for China PR Professionals was established in 1998 and is under the supervision of The China International Public Relations Association (CIPRA). provides users with many features such as information releases, professional education, career training, academic exchange, and resource integration. It networks the top PR talent nationwide and provides the latest news in the communications industry. It also has four section including information, resources, commercial and interactive sections, and three outstanding events, which include the PR Training Program, PR Manager Club and PR University Tour.The hottest topics and ideas in regard to the communications industry can be found here, establishing the website as an information gatherer. In the resources section, there is a vast array of resources available that agencies and consultants may use, like PR agencies (potential partners), design companies, exhibitions organizers, venues for events, A&V equipment vendors, and corporate gifts vendors. For agencies and consultants, It will save a great deal of time and energy to sort out the partners and vendors for future projects. Furthermore, the website also hosts a BBS for PR professionals who want to share their expertise or make any inquiries from the online community, making it an ideal place to interact with peers in the industry.

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