APAC Digital Growth: Asia Pacific Digital Marketing Yearbook

APAC Digital GrowthRecently, the annual Asia Pacific Digital Marketing Yearbook by Asia Digital Marketing Association was disseminated. The report covers 14 countries’ ad expenditure, internet usage ecommerce, and APAC digital growth trends over the past year. Let’s take a look. Some topline stats on ad expenditure:

  • Asia has 825 million internet users which is 21% of it’s population
  • Ad expenditure in ’10 is US$ 16.8 billion – up 19% from ’09’s $14.1 with Japan accounting for half the total.
  • China grew 43% to $6 billion, and is forecasted to surpass Japan in 2014
  • Total ad expenditure in Asia is forecasted to be $26 billion by 2013
Websites grew immensely as well – many of Hong Kong’s top 10 visited sites grew 50% – Facebook and Discuss.com.hk grew 57%, while Sina Weibo grew 47%.
APAC Digital Growth
The report also indexed what people in Asia are buying online. Clothes was the most popular purchase at 35% with the second overall being books at 27%, we can safely assume people in Asia like to both look and be smart. Chinese shoppers also love to buy shoes – 37.1% compared to Japan’s 5.7%.
All of these statistics tell us that Asia’s populations are swift to adopt, digitize their lives and buy online – so the providers of these services need to rise to meet that demand. A very important piece to this puzzle is getting noticed by your target audience. If you’re not getting noticed it doesn’t matter what you’re providing.
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