AppLovin分享: GMIC圆桌论坛全球化移动营销创新和流量全球化的变局

In the past three years, Chinese Internet companies have gone through several different stages, from continuous exploration and experimentation, building user barriers to expanding their business models. It is expected that the DNA differentiation of overseas companies will gradually appear in the coming year. In the future, these companies will continue to dig deeper and open their own localized layouts. With the gradual reduction of the traffic dividend, the cost of acquiring traffic will also become higher and higher. Seeking innovation in marketing models and mastering changes in traffic will enable more mobile companies to gain greater initiative. At this year’s GMIC conference, I had the honor to meet with Ma Xin, General Manager of National Sales of Avazu Holding, Ye Wenyue, Head of Facebook Technology and Telecom Industry Strategy, Oneway CEO Li Wei, AdColony Greater China General Manager Ma Li, and Morketing CEO Zeng Qiao Let’s discuss in-depth mobile marketing innovation and traffic changes from a global perspective. The differentiation of China’s mobile marketing and overseas from a global perspective This year’s mobile industry has two relatively obvious trends. One is the trend of value, and the other is the trend of technology. During 2014-2015, the financing environment was loose, and some advertisers with high profit margins received a lot of financing. On the contrary, a certain degree of difficulty arises in attracting financing. In terms of technology, artificial intelligence is widely used. Foreign third-party data tracking platforms such as AppsFlyer and TUNE use artificial intelligence for user data analysis, and the results obtained are more complete than some domestic companies. Of course, there are also some technological breakthroughs in the mobile marketing field, such as the placement of video ads in the mobile field. We unanimously agree that the ways for mobile game developers to monetize overseas games is no longer limited to casual games. More and more medium to heavy game manufacturers have also tried video advertising and no longer rely on in-app purchases to improve revenue performance. For example, a game called “Crazy Zoo” in collaboration with AppLovin makes full use of bonus videos. Its significance is to allow game developers to obtain high revenue through video advertising, and more importantly, the perfect combination of advertising and game core gameplay greatly improves user retention and player interaction with the game. At present, many Chinese game companies are gradually aligning their overseas marketing strategies, and the proportion of video advertising also occupies a considerable share of China’s mobile marketing market. The direction and strategy of Chinese game developers going overseasJudging from the past year, Chinese companies no longer only focus on increasing the number of user acquisitions when going overseas, but pay more attention to user quality. Therefore, their traffic sourcing plans have become more refined. For game developers, different types of products receive different advertising traffic at different stages. Make full use of data and do a large number of multi-platform delivery, such as delivery in a one-month cycle. Specific analysis of the performance of different advertising platforms, as well as the performance and feedback of the game groups on each platform. At the same time, the analysis of big data combined with player portraits can allow developers to obtain more accurate and specific users, thereby further helping game developers find suitable players. In addition, the guests mentioned that as advertisers have higher and higher requirements for big data, artificial intelligence, and precise positioning of users, advertisers have more and more demands for exposure advertisements. The combination of exposure marketing activities and effects can achieve the maximization of a publicity effect. This point will be highlighted in the future in-depth news manufacturers. For example, short videos, short live broadcasts, and short news are the hot trends going overseas in the future. For e-commerce and financial products with short monetization processes and relatively high efficiency, more manufacturers will try to make efforts. From the perspective of pan-entertainment, the future of mobile games is still promising. How to lay out the mobile marketing platform for the futureHow the advertisers purchase traffic in a positive direction is crucial for them to consolidate existing markets or open up new markets. Advertisers must set reasonable and realistic goals and communicate in-depth with the mobile marketing platform. Mobile marketing platforms usually provide advisory services to partners to make efficient and high-quality precise matching. For example, use big data to find interested players, who among them have paid for the same type of game. In addition, there is innovation in the form of advertising. When an advertisement enters a user’s information flow, it must have a positive impact on the user experience. On the one hand, artificial intelligence technology is used to match advertisers and audiences; on the other hand, it is necessary to improve the user experience so that the audience can experience native video and interactive video more smoothly in the case of relatively poor bandwidth. Video is a focus of attention, which requires mobile marketing platforms to make innovations in advertising formats and creative materials. In the future monetization model, deep content products or social products will play a greater effect in the future monetization model. This kind of products can rely on advertisements but not completely, which helps to improve the efficiency of monetization and shorten the monetization cycle. In addition, trial advertising has also become an emerging advertising trend in 2017 due to its interactive nature, which is also a key area for the future development of many mobile marketing platforms. Global mobile marketing keywords “maximization of commercial value” and “video advertising” have become two vocabularies recognized by the on-site discussion guests. To achieve business maximization requires refined services. Refined operation can improve the profitability of the company by laying the groundwork for the integration of product and efficiency. Video advertising is already a very important marketing method in the mobile industry. Compared with banner or image advertising, video can provide more product information. For developers, video ads can be better integrated into their own products, especially game products. If the reward video is combined with gameplay, it will help the user’s experience and retention, and even stimulate the player’s first purchase behavior.

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