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Executive Summary: AppLovin is a mobile marketing platform provides marketing automation and analytics for brands who want to reach their consumers on mobile. AppLovin’ target audience includes publisher/developers and advertisers in China EASTWEST PR (EWPR) recommends  strategic stakeholders’ communications outreach plan:

  • Develop a strategic communications outreach plan complement the organisation’s marketing strategy and overall business plan.
  • To draw focus and attention on specific industry trends, challenges and stories that align with AppLovin’s overall outreach strategy.
  • From a regional standpoint, to raise the profile of AppLovin specifically in Greater China.

Business Objectives:

  • Grow revenue from Chinese advertisers, and market share with Chinese publishers.
  • Gain recognition as the independent leader in the Chinese app monetization space.

Communication Objectives:

  • Raise AppLovin corporate profile as the independent leader in the Chinese app monetization space.
  • Position AppLovin as the preferred partner to enable brand in using data to drive marketing decisions and deliver relevant content on mobile.

The Approach: To tell the AppLovin Story in China with focus on three key areas:

  1. Ensuring visibilityof AppLovin having the capabilities and knowledge to support its key partners and the industry in growth opportunities.
  2. Endorsing the change in industry trends– how AppLovin supports the change and help publishers and game developers to effectively monetize and retain their users.

Ensuring sustainability – how AppLovin plays a key role in providing support to advertisers, publishers and game developers to integrate sustainability into business strategies.

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