Avnet – an EASTWEST client gets their message across with video

Businesses increasingly relying on Internet video to get their messages across. By Patrick O’GradyBusiness Journal of Phoenix, October 2, 2009 Note: The URL for this article is not available. The full text is included below. Avnet mention: Surfing channels While some companies go to training centers or YouTube for their video, Avnet Inc. four months ago launched its OnDemand Web site, developed by New Angle Media. The site allows the Phoenix-based electronics distributor to host its own videos or videos from suppliers to provide more product education in a business-to-business environment. Al Maag, chief communications officer for Avnet, said the idea was to leverage video as a form of social media so companies can provide education through specific channels. “I knew we had a success when our competitors were calling it up and looking at it,” he said. New Angle, which developed a virtual trade show for Avnet, was looking for a way to showcase business videos without having people wade through a lot of media they weren’t interested in, said Business Development Director Steve Roberts. “We went in and understood their business and developed this for that business,” he said. The site lets Avnet partners develop and post their own videos. The system also allows customers to buy those components directly, Roberts said. Video is a way to keep people more focused on a topic, he said. “When you read, how much do you remember? When you see it, hear it, you’re going to remember it better. You’re going to be more engaged,” he said.

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