B2B Marketers Using Social Media: 2012 Trends

In a report issued by the Social Media Examiner, 2012 shows a growing trend of B2B marketers not only adopting social media but innovating and advancing its uses. One of the most telling statistics is that this year, over 93% of B2B marketers say they are use social media to market their business, up from 88% just two years earlier. This means that B2B marketers are realizing the importance of social media in the communications industry today and adopting it: but is social media is here to stay? B2B Marketing It does seem like it at least in China. For example, Sina Weibo, one of the most popular social media outlets in China claims  over 30% of total Chinese internet users. With numbers like that a proper social media presence can either make or break a brand. A more nuanced outcome from this statistic however is the paradigm shift that social media has brought about. It is becoming increasingly difficult for a brand to stay afloat in any market without a social media presence. In China this necessity is just more pronounced. What do you think? Is social media a fad or here to stay? Does social media matter more to B2B marketers than others? Comment on our blog and let us know!

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