Baidu adjusted search algorithm by integrating micro-blog content

Google and Bing have already claimed that they considered the links from Twitter. It won’t be too long before we hear Baidu is also considering links from social networks as part of its ranking algorithm. Baidu users can now update their microblogs from the  Baidu’s microblog application which links to the microblogging service on Tencent, Sohu and Netease.

Baidu’s Application for updating micro-blog content

Does this indicate that Baidu will take social into its algorithm? No doubt. Baidu is planning to adjust search algorithm by integrating the contents from microblogs. Due to Baidu’s new search algorithm is still in a beta stage, users can only search some certain keywords to get the micorblog’s results. Early this year, Sina Weibo launched an independent search engine page which allows users to search friends, online activities, group chat, online vote and applications etc. It is believed by some industry experts that the era of micro search is coming. Some SEO experts have predicted that as the number of microblog users increase dramatically, microblogs will generate more text, photos and videos than any other social media platforms. This also can explain why Baidu has decided to adjust its search algorithm.  Although the biggest Chinese microblog–Sina Weibo refused to cooperate with Baidu at the moment, we’ll just have to wait and see what Baidu does next with Weibo search results!

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