Bloomberg kicks off rebrand

John Davidson, Singapore Regional – Bloomberg Television has started a major rebranding strategy in Asia, which includes its renaming to ‘Bloomberg Television – The Source’ and its biggest-ever marketing push. Bloomberg’s largest advertising campaign to date in the region, created by BBH, officially launches on Wednesday with a series of ice sculptures that will be placed at Singapore’s Raffles Place. The push also includes the basing of the Asian-focused weekday programme The Trade out of Singapore, which will be show in primetime in the US. Shawn Galey, managing director of commercial affairs at Bloomberg, said the campaign is the broadcaster’s biggest in Asia, and is a regional one with Singapore a primary target. “We’re focusing a bit of attention on Singapore,” he said. The integrated campaign includes the usual components, and the ice stunt which will see a variety of index numbers from different stock exchanges across the world created at Raffles Place. Grayling is working with Bloomberg on the marketing push. Galey said the ice sculptures will be updated throughout the day and the fresh element ties in with its fresh news capabilities and new tagline as ‘The Source’. Galey said there is now more demand for Asia-focused business programming from other parts of the world. “It’s very exciting,” he said. source: marketing interactive

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