Brompton World Traveller’s 100km Singapore Round Island

Brompton Bicycle engaged EASTWEST to help raise awareness of Brompton Bicycle within Singapore. EASTWEST recommended leveraging the Brompton World Traveller’s event and supported in video production and social media engagement for the 100km Singapore Round Island. Prior to the event, EASTWEST drafted event listings and secured placement of listings on online event sites to raise awareness of the event.   Brompton 100km email:  More than 200 Brompton riders, from around the region, including Malaysia and Indonesia came down to Singapore to take part in the event. Participants rode their bicycles around Singapore to take in the beautiful sights and sounds of the country, while doing their part to reduce carbon emission. Pit stops were planned to allow Brompton riders to refuel and enjoy the offerings of the Food Paradise – Singapore, and to network with other fellow riders. Brompton Riders, from across the region, started their registration at the Marina Barrage at 7pm, before being briefed on the route and some logistical issues before the official flag off at 9pm. EASTWEST attended the event and produced a video with soundbites from participants who shared their thoughts about the event. EASTWEST also supported with the photography of the event and developed a photo story, which was distributed along with the press release. EASTWEST worked together with the organising committee and selected strategic designated pit stops to record soundbites from participants and to prepare for photo opportunities. The ride started from the Marina Barrage before moving to the East, North, West of Singapore before ending in front of Marina Bay Sands. Participants who completed the 100km overnight were registered in a lucky draw and there was a Brompton Bicycle folding challenge. Besides creating the video and the photo story, EASTWEST also amplified the video on social media to raise greater awareness of Brompton Bicycle in Singapore and the region and to increase mindshare of Brompton Bicycles. EASTWEST leveraged social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote the branded video to reach out to a larger audience within Singapore. Brompton Bicycle Event – 100km Singapore Round Island Brompton 100km Round Island Registration Event Goodie Bag Brompton Riders checking their equipment before the ride. Brompton Bicycle Folding. Team Photo before the flag off. Brompton Riders at the starting line. Group Shot of Indonesian Brompton Riders at one of the pitstops. Group Photo at the end of the event. Brompton Rider excited at completing the ride. Brompton 100km video:

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