Building awareness of new Blockchain conference

Situation Analysis:LivesOne is a new project developed by the founder of Maxthon Web Browser and kicked off its first series of Blockchain conference in Singapore this year. Since this is the first time the organizer launched this conference, the event was relatively unknown in Singapore. This challenge was compounded by the fact that the client decided to proceed with PR activities at the very last minute, and we needed to secure media attendees in a short lead time – 4 days. The Approach:   We emphasized on why this is one of the most important Blockchain conferences in Singapore this year, with a Chinese background of the Founder who can provide greater insights on the Blockchain landscape of China compared to this region. We had also arranged an on-site introductory meeting/ interviews between the Founder and media to build a relationship. To keep the momentum going, we developed a press release with event highlights, a bylined placement, and secured interviews post-event. Results Achieved: Garnered four media attendees across trade publications and dailies (e.g. Fintechnews Singapore, Block Asia, LongHash, Lianhe Zaobao). In addition, we had secured one bylined placement and one interview with South China Morning Post (SCMP) post-event and disseminated a press release with event highlights. In total, 90 clippings are secured after the event.

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