Case Study: 6th Annual ASEAN-EU Business Summit

EU-ASEAN Business Council (EU-ABC) approached EASTWEST PR to use the 6th ASEAN-EU Business Summit as a platform to raise awareness of the Organisation and the issues which would be discussed on March 3, 2018 at the Grand Hyatt, Singapore.

The EU-ASEAN Business Council (EU-ABC) is the primary voice for European Business within the ASEAN region, formally recognized as such by the European Commission and the ASEAN Secretariat. Established to help promote the interests of European businesses operating within ASEAN and to advocate for changes in trade and investment policies and regulations, the EU-ABC raises the profile of European businesses in the region through formal events and high-profile dialogues. The EU-ABC has established, and continues to develop, a series of Advocacy Groups covering both individual commercial sectors (e.g. Automotive; Insurance; Healthcare; Financial Services) and cross-industry issues (e.g. IPR/Illicit Trade; Human Capital; Customs Procedures & Trade Facilitation). These Advocacy Groups are made up from leading MNCs in each area plus Committee representatives from our European Chamber of Commerce members. EASTWEST PR developed an effective communications outreach program and achieved the EU- ABC’s two main objectives:

  1. To position EU-ABC stakeholders to be the primary voice for European Businesses in ASEAN region.
  2. Raise awareness for EU-ABC and the 6th ASEAN-EU Business Summit.

EASTWEST PR focused on EU-ABC’s business objectives and built thought leadership for the spokespeople through relevant tier one media interviews. A press release was also drafted to announce the summit and the key topics that would be discussed at the plenary sessions and ministerial round-table. Three tier-one media meetings were arranged across Singapore for EU-ABC’s spokespersons,  Chris Humphrey, Executive Director, EU-ABC: Interviews (Click on image to watch the interview):

  • MONEY 89.3 FM


  • GovInsider
  • CNBC’s The Rundown


  • ASEAN Today

EASTWEST PR also supported EU-ABC in drafting the media invitation and securing media attendance of 11 media outlets at the event.

  1. MONEY 89.3 FM
  2. Dealstreet Asia
  3. Gov Insider
  4. Forbes Asia
  5. Euro Money
  6. Press Trust of India
  7. Agence Free Press
  8. Frankfurter
  9. Times of India
  10. Xinhua
  11. The Straits Times

In its initiative to enable EU-ABC to successfully leverage this annual summit, EASTWEST PR team did come across certain challenges. One of the challenges the team faced was the media attention on the parliamentary debate on the Budget as the mainstream papers were solely focused on covering budget related stories. Our solution was to develop relevant pitches involving the key objectives that EU-ASEAN desired to convey to its stakeholders, and linking those message to current political happenings, in order to generate further interest from the local and international media. This year’s Business Summit is kindly supported by Prudential, Swift, Bosch, BMW Group, DBS, Mundipharma and UPS.


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