Case Study : ECA International


ECA International is the world’s largest membership organisation for international human resources. The Company serves a global network of some 4,000 HR professionals working in around 1,500 multinational companies and 17 governments in over 35 countries.

Lee Quane is ECA’s Regional Director of Asia


EASTWEST was given the task of raising ECA International’s current position as the world’s largest membership organization for international human resources, using media as the primary communications vehicle.

Our Challenge

  • ECA International has a single spokesperson in the region, who is on the move frequently as he is responsible for business development – throws logistical challenges when organizing interviews and media submissions

Our Strategy

  • Since ECA surveys are not just regionally, but globally relevant, wires are leveraged to the utmost for every press release going out to ensure widespread dissemination.

Our Results

  • EASTWEST PR has secured 780 clips since Jan 07. While 92 of these were Singapore-specific, 211 were regional, & 477 were global, thereby creating worldwide visibility for the company & its products & services.
  • ECA surveys increasingly quoted in topical discussions on social & economic issues.