Case Study : How to help client #GetNoticed for their partnership Announcement

Situation Analysis:
Rosti Group was founded in 1944 with headquarters in Malmö, Sweden, the Group has 3,200 existing employees across 8 facilities in Europe and Asia and specialises in plastic moulding and outsourcing. Rosti is owned by the family-controlled investment company Nordstjernan. Please visit:

Situated in Suzhou in the Jiangsu Province, Rosti China provides plastic injection moulding services and contract manufacturing solutions for all markets including business machines, medical and life sciences, packaging, consumer and professional appliances, home automation and automotive. With almost 1,100 employees, the 25,000 m² plant is one of the largest manufacturing sites in the Rosti Group.

In June 2021, Rosti China has confirmed its ongoing partnership with the Changzhou Institute of Industry Technology (CIIT). Rosti has been operating in China since 2001 and this collaboration with the Institute of Technology has been in place since 2005. The program is part of an ongoing worldwide strategy to ensure Rosti supports the local community where it operates, and also to secure the best people to join the workforce. And Rosti would like to share this news with their audience in China as well as the rest of the world.

‌The Approach:
The story was first structured in conversation with Rosti Senior management in China. The approach was to highlight this collaboration between Rosti China and Changzhou Institute of Industry Technology (CIIT) and extracting more details from Rosti. The program has been in place for 16 years, and to date, 18 graduates from the CIIT have secured employment within Rosti China. The new agreement will extend to collaboration on technology development for industrial applications. At the signing, the Changzhou Institute of Industry Technology (CIIT) awarded Rosti China the status of “Industry and Education Integration Union.”

EASTWEST recommended a press release in English and Chinese, and also produced a short video with both English and Chinese captions.

You may watch the videos here:

‌Results Achieved:
After two weeks of the dissemination of the release which titled: ROSTI GROUP CONFIRMS ON-GOING PARTNERSHIP WITH CHANGZHOU INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRY TECHNOLOGY (罗斯蒂集团与常州工业职业技术学院建立长期的校企合作关系), EASTWEST has pitched and secured a total of 60 pieces of coverage from the China Market.

This has gathered an approximated 854M of readership as well as an estimated 5.44M of coverage views. Notable media pickups such as CRI, China Daily, YouthNet, Sina, ifeng, Sohu, Tencent, NetEase, Toutiao, Yidianzixun etc.