Case Study :Introduce product update for US based security company to Japan and China.

Introduce product update for US-based security company to Japan and China.

Situation  Analysis

  • International security software company wanted to announce the availability of a product update in China and Japan.
  • The challenge to overcome was that this was just a software update, not a new product launch.
  • The company had also not engaged the media before in the region. In Japan, this meant that they didn’t have the necessary relationships with newswire services, but we were able to solve that.
  • The company didn’t have a Japanese speaking spokesperson, but their China spokesperson proved to be a good representative.

The Client

Imperva is an analyst-recognized, cybersecurity leader on a mission to protect customers’ digital assets by accurately detecting and effectively blocking incoming threats, and empowering customers to manage critical risks, so they do not have to choose between innovating for their customers and protecting what matters most. At Imperva, we tirelessly defend our customer’s business as it grows, giving them clarity for today and confidence for tomorrow.

The Brief

In the third quarter of 2020, our partner agency and friend – Offleash introduced Imperva to EASTWEST PR to support their upcoming RASP Announcement in the China and Japan market.

EASTWEST PR had a meeting with the client and had a better understanding of their needs and advised the client to avoid some of the public holidays in their targeted country.

The Approach

EASTWEST received the draft press release on 21 August 2020. Within a week, it was translated into Japanese and simplified Chinese. EASTWEST had distributed this release on 27 August in both Japanese and China markets as scheduled.

As part of the engagement, EASTWEST also pitched and secured a media interview with China Net (中国网) in China, for Leo He, AVP China, Imperva. The interview was completed on 2 September 2020 via Zoom Call.

The interview is based on the media release titled “Imperva RASP Simplifies Security for Cloud-Native Assets and Achieves Comprehensive Visibility.” (Imperva RASP让云原生资产的安全保护更简单并实现了全面的可见性).

The interview was an opportunity to showcase the key updates of Imperva’s RASP solutions and the latest addition to Imperva’s Attack Analytics machine learning platform, and can be used in conjunction with Imperva’s Cloud WAF and Cloud Data Security offerings, and also positioning Imperva as a market leader.

Results Achieved

EASTWEST has gathered a total of 2.49B online readership as well as 11.02M of coverage views for the PR activities performed in both in China and Japan Markets for this project.

Coverage Summary for China Market 

Coverage Report for PR Distribution in China :

Notable coverage included those top tier with huge readers online news (Industrial) portal such as China News(中新网), iFeng (凤凰网), Baidu Bajiahao (百度百家号), Toutiao(今日头条) and Yidianzhixun ( 一点资讯)etc.

Coverage Summary report for Japan Market

Coverage Report for PR Distribution in Japan :

Notable coverage included Yahoo Japan, BIGLOBE, The Sankei News, Toyokeizai Online,  DIME,  Asahi Shimbun, Excite, Jiji to name a few.

Results Achieved: China

You may read more about Leo’s sharing with China Net here : Imperva中国区总经理何磊:破解网络安全难题 助推中国政企发展中国网 (

Coverage generated from China Market

Coverage generated from Japan Market