Case Study: Media outreach for Imperva In China & Japan

Imperva appointed EASTWEST PR to manage the media relations outreach in China and Japan. We worked with our China and Japan local team, and as a team we generated over 91 pieces of coverage for the press release distribution in both China and Japan Market.


EASTWESTPR has also managed to facilitate a virtual Interview with China Net for Leo He, AVP China, Imperva. The main topic for this interview is based on the media release titled “Imperva RASP Simplifies Security for Cloud-Native Assets and Achieves Comprehensive Visibility.” (Imperva RASP让云原生资产的安全保护更简单并实现了全面的可见性).  The purpose of this interview is to showcase the key updates of Imperva’s RASP solutions and the latest addition to Imperva’s Attack Analytics machine learning platform, and can be used in conjunction with Imperva’s Cloud WAF and Cloud Data Security offerings, and also positioning Imperva as a market leader. We worked extensively with the client and the media to provide background information, briefing documents, and make sure the key message was covered in the article published.


The approach: As part of the engagement, EASTWEST had disseminated one press release in China and Japan Market and secured coverage, in addition, EASTWEST also help to arrange and facilitate one top tier media exclusive interviews with for Leo He, AVP China, Imperva to build awareness of its business model and plans for the market and highlight its new products in the region.

China Net’s Coverage from the Interview with Leo He, AVP China, Imperva


Results Achieved: As of September 2020, EASTWEST has secured 91 piece of clippings which is an effort the press release distributions, Notable pickups on 1st tier media include Biglobe, Asahi, Excite, from Japan and , ChinaZ, CIO Times, China Net to name a few.


Results generated from the Press Release Distribution in China Market

Result from Press Release Distribution in Japan Market


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