Case Study: New Product Announcement in China and Japan

The Brief

PR launch via simultaneous press release distribution in Japan and China.

Tenjin has partnered with GameAnalytic to offer Growth FullStack, the first of a collaborative set of developer tools for iOS15 marketing. They wanted to announce the availability of this product update globally which include China and Japan.

Tenjin wanted to leverage this launch to attract awareness in the games developer and app store communities in Asia.


  • A client may have a dominant position in their own market but unknown in another; awareness takes time.
  • Journalists are reluctant to run stories about unknown companies.
  • Local content is required on sites prior to distribution of releases in country.
  • Media outlets will not include links to a site from a news release because they don’t want to lose the traffic.
  • Client expectation that media coverage will lead to sales leads needs to be managed.
  • News can be picked up by non-key media if the subject is of general interest.
  • Search engines operate on local level, with increasing restrictions on content outside of the local domain area.

The Client

Tenjin is a mobile measurement platform that provides best-in-class tools and education resources for testing and scaling user acquisition. Headquartered in San Francisco, Tenjin was co-founded in 2014 by Christopher Farm and Amir Manji. Tenjin offers a single, comprehensive platform for mobile app analytics, attribution and ad network data aggregation, with a data warehousing solution for direct access to user-level data.

Situation Analysis:

  • Challenge to overcome was that this was just a software update, not a new product launch.
  • The company had also not engaged the media before in the region, this announcement is treated as part of their seeding strategies.
  • The company didn’t have either Chinese nor Japanese speaking spokesperson.
  • Website only in English.

The Approach:

  • Both EASTWEST’s China and Japan Team has build up a very comprehensive media pool which has included Mobile market, Gaming industry, Trade and business, Technology as well General media.
  • EASTWEST has worked very closely with Raptor PR Team, the lead agency, to ensure the embargo timing and distribution date to ensure that this distribution will maximise the media outreach in both China and Japan.
  • EASTWEST has reviewed both the Chinese and Japanese translated press release and shared feedback with client.
  • EASTWEST disseminated the press release on 23th September in China market and 24th September in Japan Market, avoiding the public holiday

Results Achieved:

EASTWEST has secured a total of 113 pieces (77 from China and 36 from Japan) of coverage from the two press releases which we had distributed in both China and Japan, and this had gathered an estimated 1.07B of online readership and an estimated 14.2M coverage views

Coverage highlights for China Market :

Notable coverage included those top tier with huge readers online news portal and daily such as Sohu, Sina, China Net, NETEAST,  iFeng Baidu Bajiahao (百度百家号), Zaker News (ZAKER新闻), China Daily, Youth Net. And also Tech and Industry Media: Zol, Elecfans, Gamedog, Greek, Zhua You Kong, Doyo Gaming, WangYouXi Net, Mobile Game 4399, EEPW , 18183 Net  etc.

Coverage highlights for Japan Market:

Notable coverage included  RBB Today, ASCII, CNET JapanJiji Press, Sankei Shimbun, Rakuten Infoseek, ZDNet Japan, President Online, Excite, Gendai, @DIME  to name a few.

Client feedback

•The client was not able to see the same results in their home country as was being seen by the teams in the local markets. •Some media were in the space the client wanted, but the news was also carried by non-tech media.

Question 1 – China Market

Why there’s a huge disparity between the audience data in our report vs  Google Analytics results?

All the readings we gathered are from Coveragebook, the online platform that has automated the collection of coverage data since 2014. They have picked some of the best 3rd party suppliers of key metrics such as SimilarWeb (for outlet audience data), Moz for their Domain Authority metric, Buzzsumo for social share data (which they source from Twitter API) to analyse the coverage links that we have put it into their platform.

Another issue to cause this can be  “The Great Firewall” in China as well (The Great Firewall is one of the world’s most sophisticated censorship systems, enforced by the People’s Republic of China. It prevents users in China from accessing a list of prohibited foreign websites, which includes Google Search, Facebook and Twitter), the website is blocked in China.

Question 2 – China Market

Can’t find where the website audience can click which URL to actually see the news?

Search Engine Results


We did some searches on by using these keywords: growth FullStack/Tenjin FullStack (As attached images), we got great-searched results from BAIDU and we could easily find that coverage from page 1 to even 8, in the search engine.

About Google and Baidu

  • Google is blocked in China. Very few people could get access to google through VPN service which is illegal in mainland China.
  • Over 90% of users take Baidu as their preferred search engine.

Question 3 – Japan Market

Why you only can see a few unique views when you conducted a Google analytics review of traffic?

If your homepage is in English so it doesn’t mean much for Japan.

We had to state in the release that the more info links are in English only. Coverage numbers are more important.

When from Google Analytics only can see 8 unique views for Japan, however, We can see that the newswire version alone has had 517 page views, in addition to the separate coverage we’ve already shared.

We extracted this from the newswire site and get the information as below :
517 page views
517 unique users
15 websites reprinted to