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Why the American PR agency model doesn't work in China

Ms. Lazarus, chairman of WPP's Ogilvy wrote in Ad Age recently bemoaning the demise of the Agency-Client relationship in Ameria. In China relationships are still pivotal. The competition and short termism of the US market is opposed by the lack of quality consultants and need for education in China. As we are all in the communication business, it is time that we work together to ensure our clients understand the differences; it is one of the biggest issues international PR agencies face.
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2010, what a wonderful year!

2010 has been the year for online videos with businesses around the world adopting this new concept and embracing the efficiency of video promotion. in 2009, there were already 33.2 billion views of videos made for the internet.In 2010, Eastwest PR has produced, edited and published more than 20 online videos on both Western and Chinese online video networks.
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PR in China as Costly as California

We hired a new person in Beijing today. Every time I hire someone new it raises the question of why it is as expensive to hire a graduate from Beijing as one from California. This is both confusing to clients who perceive China as a 'low cost' outsourcing market and a challenge from a business-owner's perspective.
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