CEO of Tech Data, Rich Hume, Featured in CNBC and Channel Asia in Singapore.

Situation Analysis: Tech Data, a multinational IT distribution company, is laying the groundwork for its company and channel partners to meet demand for next generation technologies. A big part of this strategy was bolstered by Tech Data’s $2.6 billion acquisition of Avnet’s Technology Solutions (TS) business in Feb 2017. A key advantage of the acquisition is a larger geographic footprint, including a presence in Asia-Pacific, a new market region for Tech Data. Most recently, Rich Hume succeeded Bob Dutkowsky as CEO in June 2018, and he was visiting Singapore and India in August 2018. The Approach: With Rich’s tight schedule, EASTWEST had limited to only two interviews in each countries and therefore, we only reached out to the tier 1 media. As this was Rich’s and Tech Data’s first interview in APAC after acquisition, EASTWEST used this as a strategy and offered CNBC an exclusive interview to discuss Tech Data’s upcoming business plan in APAC. In addition, we had reached out to tier 1 tech publications in both countries to position Rich as a trusted industry advisor in the channel scene. Results Achieved:

  • Secured four interviews in total in both Singapore and India, which includes broadcast and top tier trade publications
  • Secured 5 pieces of positive coverage

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