China 12th FYP: a unique opportunity for foreign companies

China 7 strategic green technologiesChina’s 12th Five Year Plan will support Strategic Emerging Industries (SEIs) that will gain full financial and regulatory support. Many of thses SEIs are geared towards Energy & Environment. Here is the list of the 7 Strategic Emerging Industries 1. Energy-saving and environmental protection: Advanced and eco-friendly products, cyclic utilisation, industrial equipment and services 2. Nex generation information technology: Next generation communications network, cloud computing, triple play, high-performance integrated circuits, high-end software, Internet security, artificial intelligence 3. Bio-technology: Bio-medicine, bio-agriculture, bio-energy, bio-manufacturing, drugs/vaccines 4. High-end/advanced equipment manufacturing: Carbon fibre, battery industries, high-speed railway, aerospace, marine engineering and high-end smart equipment 5. New energy: Nuclear, solar, wind, biomass, geothermal and ocean energy 6. New materias: High-performance composite materials, materials with special features, nano-materials, rare earth, alloys, membranes, high-end semi-conductors 7. New energy vehicles: Plug-in hybrid vehicles and pure electric vehicles, fuel cells, hydrogen cars, solar cars

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