China social networking sites statistics 2009

Everything valuable in China seems so competitive, and there’s no exception to social media.  CNNIC recently released a report on China social networking sites (SNS) and I’m here to share some key findings. ■ By the end of 2009, the number of Chinese online social media users is about to reach 124 million. ■ Every social media user owns on average 2.78 social media accounts. ■ Top 5 social networking sites (SNS): QQ alumni (50%), Renren (37%), Sina Space (36.6%), (27.1%), and Kaixin001 (26.4%). ■ The male to female ratio in SNS users is 52.9:47.1. ■ Majority of SNS users are youth (52.6%). ■ 17.8% of China SNS users’ monthly income is over RMB 3,000, higher than 13.4% Chinese netizens. ■ 47.5 of SNS users’ month income is lower than RMB 1,000, also higher than the percentage of overall Chinese netizens (44.2%). ■ 59.1% of Chinese SNS users own college degree and above, 34% higher than over Chinese netizens. China Social Networking Sites Usage ■ Almost 80% SNS users are referred by friends, classmates, or colleagues. ■ 75.8% indicate their SNS friends are friends in real life. ■ 34.3% SNS users visit social networking sites every day while about 40.2% visit SNS once a week or longer. ■ Over half SNS users spend no longer than one hour daily on SNS sites; 26.6% between one to two hours; 12.8% over two hours. ■ China SNS users are mostly interested in status and photo album updates from friends. ■ Sending messages and uploading photos are the two most popular activities on SNS. Which Social Networking Site to Choose? ■ 63.5% users pick the number of known friends, classmates, and colleagues on a social network as the top reason for choosing that network. ■ 32.4% users find it important to get useful information on a social network ■ Having lots of interesting topics is important to 21.4% users for choosing that social networking site ■ 18.4% find a social networking site attractive if it provides lots of online games The primary purpose of logging in a social network is entertainment for over 42.4% users being interviewed. 27.4% just log in to play games. Why Abandoning A Social Network? ■ 31.3% users interviewed have abandoned a social network after registration. The main reasons are: ■ No interesting activities (29%) ■ No useful information (27.9%) ■ Not many friends (26.5%) ■ No common topics (24.9%) ■ No feeling of being engaged (18.3%) China Social Networking Sites VAS ■ 40.9% SNS users would like to have mobile access and 25.6% SNS users want third party payment service ■ Women are more passionate about Value Added Services (VAS) on SNS than men. 19.8% women want to trade virtual goods (men: 16.8%). ■ Men are more intereted in B2C e-commercie and real goods trading. China Social Networking Sites Advertisement ■ Acceptance to different types of advertisements in SNS is less than 30%. About 30.1% users never clicked on an ad. 39.9% users indicate they will click on an ad if it’s interesting. ■ Ads on personal profile, photo albums, and polls are more acceptable to women than men. ■ The more educated people are more likely to click on an ad.

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