ChinaPay Partners with Computop to Provide Overseas Payments Services

ChinaPay Partners with Computop to Provide Global Payments Services (PRNewsfoto/Computop)

Intro- Computop, a leading global Payment Service Provider (PSP), offers its customers around the world local and innovative omnichannel solutions for payment processing and fraud prevention. Through EASTWEST public relations, Computop announced its partnership with ChinaPay;  China’s most prominent payment service provider to facilitate Chinese merchant transactions to customers outside of China’s borders. Computop published the exclusive press release about its commercial cooperation model in the media of China through EASTWEST PR. Within 14 days, a plethora of professional media made a relevant report, including DZSHBW Net, Kejixun, Shangxun Net, Chinaesm Net, JRJ, CRI Online, Xincainet, Prcfe Net, Paynews Net, Daily Economic, International Times, CIO Net, Jinrongzhijia Net, Caijing Online and so forth. By this announcement, the Alternative Payment Method (APM) services of Computop will facilitate the e-commerce component of the ‘One Belt One Road’ political initiative led by by China’s president Xi Jinping that focuses on connectivity and cooperation between Eurasian countries as part of an estimated US$8 trillion infrastructure program. In addition, Computop was chosen to cooperate with Chinapay because of the open architecture of the software which enables it to be deployed across multiple territories. One of the key features of Computop Paygate which appealed to ChinaPay is the Computop Settlements File. This field mapping algorithm standardises the individual file formats from the different Alternative Payment Methods into one consistent database format for quick and error reduced import to the reconciliation ledger at the collection agent data centre. It enables to offer China based merchants with a secure, cost effective and flexible method of selling their goods and services to customers outside of China using their preferred method of payment. Achieved Results: By June 1, 2017, EASTWEST PR had effectively assisted Computop to deliver the announcement to the related media; EASTWEST secured 45 media clippings.


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