Chinese Video Marketing Best Practices

Video is increasingly becoming the way to catch and keep a user’s attention on the internet. But it’s one thing to make a video that’s internet ready and entirely another to have that video be popular or even go viral. This becomes even more of a challenge in China as new issues arise: What if my video is in English? Will this type of content appeal to Chinese audiences? Where do I upload my video to get maximum exposure? Let’s take a look at each one of these questions below: Chinese Video Marketing Best Practices  

What If Your Video Is In English?

Having an English video on the Chinese internet is not the end of the world. Not tailoring your message or content at all to Chinese markets is however. If your video is in English make sure you find a way to add Simplified Chinese subtitles to it. That way even if the audience does not speak English or can’t quite understand the topic being talked about they can still have some sort of frame of reference for what is being spoken about. Another reason for subtitles is to make sure that your message is easily understandable to Chinese natives whose mother tongue is not Standard Mandarin.

Will The Video Content Appeal To Chinese Audiences?

Before asking yourself this question first ask yourself if the video content is appealing in general. Chinese people are people too – make sure your video’s message is engaging, to the point and easy to digest. People’s attention span online is only a few short seconds; if you can’t catch and hold someone’s attention there’s no way to create a relationship with them or even open a dialog. That being said an effective video should possess to be marketed in China:

  • Stay away from politics. It may sound harsh but keep politics out of the conversation surrounding your company.
  • Keep it short. To keep a user’s attention the video should be no longer than 2-3 minutes.
  • Talk basically. If your video will eventually end up in a place like YouTube, assume your viewer knows next to nothing about you, your company or your industry and is just someone interested.
  • Focus on China. Try to stay away from boasting too much about your company and keep the conversation on the Chinese market.

Where Can I Upload My Video For Maximum Exposure In China?

The two largest video hosting and streaming websites in China, Youku and Tudou, announced their merging in February of this year. That makes the issue of finding the right video hosting service in China easy. Simply upload to either one of those websites with proper tagging, category listing and description and your video will be able to be watched by internet users in China.
These are just a few simple pointers for video marketing in China. Want to know more? Follow us on Weibo, Twitter or LinkedIn or get contact with us directly at our contact form!

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