Cognition creates traffic but get’s no cigar!

Cognition, the EASTWEST newsletter, sent to some 150 clients, partners and colleagues worldwide had some intended and unintended consequences. We want to share useful information and insights about the Asia media market, digital PR and how we manage our agency. Using Mailchimp and google analytics we can see who is visiting our site, which sites are doing the referrals, how long visitors stay on our site (why do we write so much when people read so little?) and many other ways to slice and dice the data. Overall the old adage that content is key for a site is true – when we post news we get uplift in traffic and posts to our blog posts. Using WordPress I can review the comments made on our posts  which makes for interesting reading. Google Analytics

  • The found us from the USA and wanted to link,
  • A chap called Tsui posted from NYC on the Bonlive story as he wanted to find internships, Our former intern gave us a nice compliment by saying that he is sharing the blog with his PR undergraduate class,
  • Mergen, webguru from Mongolia , commented ‘Traditional news media outlets and PR agencies will suffer unless the catch onto the new wave of change,’
  • Twitter picked up our technorati feed story, from a German correspondent,
  • And we had some spammers with some eyewatering email addresses whose BOTS managed to find connections between our safe content and adult pasttimes requiring non-vitamin supplements.
Perhaps most interesting was a collection of  comments from Russian BOTS (why I ask my self do they bother – presumably creating backlinks) – but intrigued I went to a worldlingo and translated one:
Статья интерестная,но заметил небольшое количество грамматических ошибок! КопчёныйArticle , but it noted a small quantity of grammatical errors!� is smoked
Over the last month 0ur site has achieved 294 Visits and 614 Pageviews of which 78.91% are New Visits . Obviously I know that we have a long way to go to become a destination site for digital PR in Asia, but at least my site is becoming interestnaya, even if we aren’t smoking a cigar yet.

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