CommScope awareness raised in Asia with public relations.

CommScope is a leading network infrastructure provider based in the U.S. As the company has a practice of taking content from the HQ for all regional PR activities, little local content creation can be done. In addition, as most of the global contents are very dry and technical, it only appeal to trade publications. Nonetheless, CommScope is interested in raising profile and getting noticed through engaging top tier dailies. Therefore, CommScope in APAC is facing a challenge of how to get media interest from dailies with restricted and dry content from HQ. EASTWEST monitored industry news in APAC everyday to identify rapid responses opportunities with top tier dailies, and drafted quotes and shared with the media. EASTWEST had also looked for industry trends and hot topics in each APAC countries in order to create media pitch with angles specific to each market’s situation. EASTWEST also leveraged the 20th anniversary of CommScope’s Goa plant event to engage top tier dailies in India by offering an exclusive tour. In the itinerary, the journalist was able to meet the COO and two APAC senior executives of CommScope and have a factory tour. On top of that, we have also designed a free & easy day for journalist to enjoy the beautiful beach of Goa. Results Achieved:

  • Secured media interest from The Economic Times, the world’s second-most widely read English-language business newspaper for a 2 days 1 night trip to CommScope’s manufacturing plant in Goa
  • CommScope’s spokesperson was quoted in regional top tier dailies and tech publications such as South China Morning Post, The Economic Times, Bangkok Post and ZDNet through rapid responses and interviews
  • Hitting 80% of targeted trade media and 40% of aspirational media list as set by the client

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