CommunicAsia 2011 Irdeto Says: We Want To Know Your Video Consumption Habits

At this years CommunicAsia in Singapore, Irdeto sponsored a survey to see how attendees consumed their video. Are people quick adopters, using the latest trends and devices to meet their needs? Do they rarely consume video at all? Or are they somewhere in between? This survey sheds some light on the subject. To categorize these groups Irdeto came up with four archetypes: The Media 3.0 Master, Digital Dabbler, TV Traditionalist, and the Media Minimalist. Besides some clever alliteration, these labels illustrate how people consume their video:

  • The Media 3.0 Master is, in a word, a master of the new tools and trends that allow them to consume video. They consume video often whether it be streaming video on their iPad or smartphone. These people like to have access to their video anytime, anywhere.
  • The Digital Dabbler is the type of person who doesn’t consume video quite as often as the Media 3.0 Master but still like to have access to their video when they want it. These people will most likely play video on a DVD or use some other on-demand video service.
  • The TV Traditionalist consumes video alright, but likes to do it the good ol’ fashioned way through broadcast TV, or sometimes with services such as IPPV or PVR. They are slow adopters of the latest technologies but they still watch.
  • The Media Minimalist rarely watches video, and when they do don’t really care about watching it on the latest platform or device. For them, broadcast services are enough.

Shown in the picture above, of the 611 people surveyed 21% were Media 3.0 Masters, 37% Digital Dabblers, 25% TV Traditionalists, and 17% Media Minimalists. What does this mean for the future of video consumption? Well, for one thing it means that the providers of these services need to adapt to all four archetypes if they hope to remain competitive. It also means that in order to adapt these providers need to know the current and future trends. Want a clearer picture of the survey? Look here:

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