Designing the perfect Email campaign

This report caught our eye this week with its bold claim – Designing the Perfect Email Marketing Campaign.

How do you create email marketing campaigns that look awesome and convert? 


With nearly 300 billion emails being sent every day, making an impact in the inbox is vital.


So how do we do that? 


Immediately, most of our minds will go to email design. Design a visual, eye-catching email and half the battle is over. And, you’re right to an extent. 


With only five seconds to grab the reader’s attention, the look and feel of your email makes a huge difference. 


But, as people skim over new emails, it’s got to do more than simply look nice to capture attention and convert readers to shoppers. 


The perfect email campaign will grab the reader’s eye, keep them engaged, and give subscribers a reason to convert.


This guide from Dot Digital breaks this down into 3 sections; The Basics, The Template, The Content, to create stunning visual emails for your campaigns


Get your copy here

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