Differences between Google and Baidu

To enter the Chinese market, companies need to be familiar with the online tools available. If used wisely, search engines marketing can quickly increase a business’ online visibility and generates sales. In this post we outline a few differences between Google and Baidu. 1.  Different companies. Baidu is the largest search engine company in China while Google is an American company and is the largest search engine company in the world. Of course, the number of Google users is the highest in the world. But in China, the supremacy of Baidu is still unshakable. 2. Different target audiences. Baidu’s main target audience is China, whereas Google’s target audience is the whole world. This is very obvious on Baidu advertising and Google Adwords. For Baidu advertising, we can choose the China provinces as the promotion area for every campaign, but we cannot choose any specific foreign country. But on Google Adwords, we can choose any countries as our promotion area. This well reflects that the focus of Baidu is Chinese market, while Google focuses on the entire world. 3. Different languages. Most of the information or content on Baidu is in Chinese. Google aims to provide service to the entire world and provides translation of its services into other languages for those who cannot read English. 4. Different advertising costs. Compared with Google’s keyword per click costs, Baidu’s one is lower. In the Baidu advertising dashboard, we can choose daily, weekly or monthly budget. But for Google, we just can choose daily budget. 5. Different additional services. Baidu supports many extensional services for adapting to Chinese users’ habits, such as Baidu Baike, Baidu tieba, Baidu Zhidao and so on. All of these services are Baidu’s special products. Google’s extensional services usually work for the customers in the whole world, not only for Chinese people. 6. Different use of SEO. Google and Baidu SEO are very different for either keyword ranking algorithm, or website content or external links. Even if your Baidu SEO is pretty good, that does not mean that the Google SEO is also good. To summarize, if your firm targets  a Chinese audience, Baidu is a must; if it targets both foreign and local audience, Google offer more possibilities. However for most of the companies with business in China, a mix of both is often regarded as the most effective strategy.


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