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Attracting Media Attention: Communication Of New Partnership To Raise Company’s Profile

Attracting Media Attention: Communication of new partnership to raise company’s profile



In 2007, Avnet, Inc. enlisted EASTWEST Public Relations to manage a public relations campaign surrounding the signing of the exciting new partnership agreement between Avnet Partner Solutions and Hewlett Packard for the ASEAN region. The ensuing success resulted on Avnet choosing EASTWEST PR once again to manage their Technical Solutions’ launch in China in December 2008.

Our Strategy

Working together with Avnet as they began a relationship with Hewlett-Packard, EASTWEST PR set the following objectives for this campaign:

  • To communicate the value of the partnership to Avnet’s stakeholders and selected media and build awareness of Avnet.
  • To present an opportunity for local opportunity for the local media to interact with Avnet’s senior executives.
  • To brand William Chu as the spokesperson for Avnet in Singapore.

In order to facilitate a smooth and successful public relations campaign and achieve the above objectives EASTWEST PR completed a wide scope of public relations work that included the following:

  • Strategic Counsel: developing a media kit to distribute and providing counsel on the targeted media for the event and the spokespeople’s presentation. The EASTWEST PR team attended three face-to-face meetings and one conference call on behalf of Avnet.
  • Content Development: thoroughly preparing a diverse array of content for the signing ceremony, to ensure a smooth-running, informative and profile raising event.
  • Media Outreach: briefing our partners at Avnet on the media’s specific areas of interests, conducting extensive follow-ups with the media including sending out press kits after the signing ceremony. Facilitating all the media interviews surrounding the events.
  • Reporting: managing the relationships between Avnet and the media to ensure effective and strategic communication and briefing the partners at Avnet on the status of each media interview. Drafting a post-event report to summarize the campaign for our clients at Avnet.
  • Additional PR Activities: handling of all the elements of the on-site management at the event and providing Media Monitoring services for an additional two months after the signing ceremony.


EASTWEST PR secured the attendance of ComputerWorld and SearchSMBAsia at a briefing session hosted for the media as well as setting up interviews between a host of high profile, relevant media outlets and Avnet’s Spokespeople:

The PR campaign was such as success that Avnet chose to work with EASTWEST PR again for their Opening Ceremony in Beijing, marking the company’s official launch in China. Results were equally impressive and included the following:

  • 32 pieces of coverage in English and Chinese (print, online, broadcast) were secured.
  • Individual interviews with three leading English media members and a group briefing with the Chinese local trade media were effected.
  • 16 media members attended the launch party representing 13 media outlets.

The Avnet Technology Solutions team prepares for the Opening Ceremony.

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