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“Birth Of The British Business Awards: Creating Awareness Of British Business In China- Giving A Reason To Acknowledge And Celebrate.”

“Birth of the British Business Awards: Creating awareness of British Business in China- giving a reason to acknowledge and celebrate.”

Background on the British Business Awards (BBA)

Jim James, Director of EASTWEST Public Relations, partnered with the British Chamber of Commerce in 2008 to create, organize and manage the British Business Awards. Jim conceptualized and built this one-of-a-kind program to promote excellence in innovation, enterprise and endeavour in the British Business community in China.

His Royal Highness, the Duke of York, shows his support for the British Business Awards.

Jim James, BBA Founder and Committee Chairman.

“Our vision was to create an event which showcases the best of British spirit, builds a sense of community and demonstrates our collective commitment to China!” -Jim James, the British Business Awards Founder and Committee Chairman.

EASTWEST Public Relations planned, managed and promoted the project, which launched at the British Embassy on May 5th, 2008.

Our Strategy

EASTWEST Public Relations worked to build awareness for the British Business Awards through a selection of marketing materials including the creation and distribution of fliers and invitations to encourage businesses to apply for the Awards.


Additionally EASTWEST PR secured press coverage, produced a brochure surrounding the BBA’s and distributed goodie bags as promotional material.

Creating Value

EASTWEST PR used the following strategies to add value to the BBA’s:

-Enlisting the following companies as Supporting Partners to sponsor the Awards:

  • The British Embassy Beijing
  • UK Trade and Investment
  • China-Britain Business Council
  • British Council
  • The 48 Group Club
  • CBI

-Working with our sister company, Eggplant Digital, to create and manage the website for the British Business Awards.

-Acquiring the following Media Partners:


The 2008 BBA’s were a resounding success and the following gives an overview of the Award’s outcomes:

  • 6 awards given to businesses
  • 6 category award sponsors secured
  • 7 supporting organizations secured
  • 115 entries into the competition
    • 30 finalists
    • 40 judges
    • 195,082 site page views
    • 2635 votes cast online
  • 7 Chinese media partners secured
  • 7 press releases issued
  • 382 guests attended awards ceremony
  • 267 stories over nine months.
  • 17 media organisations attended the Awards Ceremony.


For more information regarding the BBA’s Cermony 2008  please view the Summary Report below.  If you have any questions, please contact us at!

Learn more about EASTWEST Public Relations’ work with the British Business Awards!

View the British Business Awards 2008 Summary Report below. If you have any questions or would, please contact us at!

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