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"Breaking Into The Asian Market: Media Outreach For Avery Dennison's RFID Division."

"Breaking into the Asian Market: Media outreach for Avery Dennison's RFID division."

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EASTWEST Public Relations was appointed by Avery Dennison, a global leader in pressure-sensitive technology and innovative self-adhesive solutions for consumer products and label materials, to increase media visibility of its RFID division as it launched in the Asian market.

Jonson Yue, key company spokesperson at the launch events we planned for Avery Dennison in China, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore.

Our Strategy

To ensure that Avery Dennison received maximum attention in Asia, EASTWEST PR used its experience and expertise to implement the following plan:

  • Strategy & Counsel: coordinating with Avery Dennison on planning, logistics, material creation and press interviews. Providing feedback on press pitches and target media.
  • Other PR Services: Creating a unique and specific CONNECT account for Avery Dennison. CONNECT is our unique web-based knowledge management platform.  This valuable resource enables clients to monitor all the PR activities throughout their partnership with EASTWEST PR.
  • Content Development: Drafting and revising the press release announcing the company’s launch into Asian markets as well as drafting the media list and preparing materials for Avery Dennison’s press kits. Developing and distributing pitch emails in addition to preparing a briefing document for the spokespeople at each event and providing on-site management at each interview.
  • Media Outreach: Disseminating the press release and associated material to the target media and following-up with the target media to communicate the key messages and determine publication dates.
  • Media Interviews: Conducting media interview RSVPs and managing discussions with media personnel across the four key markets to reach in Asia: China, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore during the launch period.
  • Reporting: Managing post-interview follow-ups with the media and closely monitoring media coverage after the event.


Below is a list of figures representing the media attendances secured by EASTWEST PR at conferences in the various countries targeted;

  • China: 6
  • Korea: 3
  • Hong Kong: 3
  • Singapore: 2

These included organisations such as Hong Kong Economic TimesNetwork World Asia OnlineSouth China Morning Post and Shanghai Daily Online

Media coverage for Avery Dennison was also garnered from a diverse array of other media organisations including the following:

CONNECT is our unique web-based knowledge management platform.  This valuable resource enables our clients to monitor all the PR activities throughout our partnership.
This article from the Shanghai Daily Online, along with all other media coverage, is available to Avery Dennison through CONNECT.

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