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Case Study-Press Conference For Leica 100th Anniversary Exhibition

Case Study-Press conference for Leica 100th Anniversary Exhibition


L&H Auction, a leading Hong Kong based auction house, specialized in rare antique cameras, decided to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Leica, the reputed German camera brand, by organizing an exhibition in collaboration with Beijing Photography Equipment City. This retrospective exhibition, which was held between 19th and 21st September in Beijing, showcased over 60 Leica’s rarest antique.

Leica 100th Anniversary Exhibition             Mr Henri Chau, CEO of L&H Auction

EASTWEST Public Relations was appointed to organize a press conference on Friday, September 19th. 15 media outlets, focused on general business, art & collection, fashion and photography, were invited to attend the exhibition, including 1 TV channel which conducted a television interview with L&H Auction’ spokesperson.

EASTWEST activities onsite included media reception, media management, and facilitating group interviews with L&H Auction’ spokesperson.



In order to complete its tasks, EASTWEST’s plan of action consisted in the following steps:

–       Bring relevance through media selection: When the press release was distributed, it was specifically addressed to particular recipients. By focusing on news medias covering General Business, Art & Collection, Fashion and Photography, EASTWEST insured that the relevant medias were receiving the information, and coming to the press conference. By doing so, it increased the probability of having a wider news coverage.

                                                           The press conference, organized by EASTWEST


–       Raise awareness through Search Engine Optimization: The goal is to increase the circulation towards L&H Auction’s website in order for the brand to get a wider recognition. To do so, several methods were used, among which the insertion of hyperlinks in the press release so that people could get easily redirected to the company’s website.

                                                          Mr Henry Chau, CEO of L&H Auction, talking to the press

–       Implement an appropriate preparation: Before any event, it is crucial for the Public Relations team to be prepared. But it is also essential to make sure that the people from the company, for which the event is organized, know what to expect. This is why, prior to the event, a Media Briefing Book was prepared by EASTWEST to be given to Mr. Henry Chau, CEO of the company, and spokesperson for the event. It included a list of the medias present at the venue, the precise time schedule and some guidelines on how to interact with the press and what to expect from the interviews and the press conference.

                                                          Mr Henry Chau, CEO of L&H Auction, was interviewed by BTV



Thanks to the strategy established by EASTWEST, the event was remarkably successful.

– 15 media outlets were present at the press conference. Several Newspapers, Magazines, Online Medias, as well as one TV station came to report on the event.

– 51 media clippings were generated in less than a week after the event, thanks to the strategy of targeting specific medias.


3 examples:

                          Sina                                      China Collection                                 Art News

Article about the event on SinaArticle about the event on China CollectionArticle about the event on Art News


– 1 television report was aired on Beijing TV: interviews and extensive coverage of the event.

Mr Henri Chau, CEO of L&H Auction, on Beijing TV               Mr Henri Chau, CEO of L&H Auction, interviewed by BTV


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