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ECI Telecom OMLT Product Launch Media Roundtable

ECI Telecom OMLT Product Launch Media Roundtable







The Brief

As the global provider of next generation network solutions, ECI Telecom announced its new product — the Optimized Multi-Layer Transport system (OMLT) as a highly unique and innovative concept in the industry in Nov 2011.

Our Strategy

EASTWEST PR assisted ECI Telecom in organizing a press briefing announcing launch of OMLT. To attract media interest, the PR team used a variety of communication tools which maximized media attention and spread the product news. This includes

1. Media round table for group briefing
2. One-to-one media interviews with ECI’s spokespeople
3. Live tweets from event on Weibo
4. Press release translation and distribution
5. Video interview with spokesperson and promotion across social media platforms
6. Simulcast interpretation and shorthand notes for the Chinese media


Topline Statistics

• 1 press briefing was organized with 3 spokespeople
• Translated and issued 1 press release announcing launch of OMLT
• 16 reporters attended the press briefing
• 3 one-to-one interviews with ECI’s senior executives with
o Communications Weekly
• 50 plus media picked up ECI’s press release
• 1 video interview with ECI’s spokesperson was filmed, edited and subtitled in Chinese language
• 20 tweets and 6 photos were posted on Weibo.


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