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Edison Capital Partners

Edison Capital Partners


EASTWEST Public Relations, through Binsfeld Corporate,  was commissioned by Edison Capital Partners to promote the 100-million-dollar brokered loan amongst Chinese and English language press. The objective was to raise the company’s profile in China’s financing sector and develop opportunities for visibility.

Our strategy

EASTWEST was given one week to arrange media interviews which required immediate media relations efforts to ensure the maximum media attention in addition to compiling the necessary documents. EASTWEST flew down to Shanghai and worked to get Edison Capital Partners noticed by implementing the following media strategy:

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Online video interview of Patrick Hansen | Click here to watch
  • Providing counsel on the press release announcing the financing deal
  • Localising, translating and distributing the press release
  • Contacting foreign and local media sending invitations for one-to-one interviews with director of Edison Capital Partners
  • Organising and conducting the media interview
  • Offering on-site media management with presence of EASTWEST’s bilingual consultant
  • Filming and conducting an on-camera interview addressing business and financing issues in China
  • Producing and marketing 3-miniute video to a diverse array of media channels


  • 1 one-to-one interview with Shanghai Daily, the national English newspaper in China
  • 79 pieces of coverage generated from both print and electronic media including Bloomberg, Reuters, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Shanghai Daily,, Caixun and other mainstream Chinese and English language financial media.
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