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"Giving A Global Leader Due Exposure In The Asia-Pacific Region."

"Giving a Global Leader Due Exposure in the Asia-Pacific Region."



ECA International, the world’s leader in the development and provision of solutions for the management and assignment of employees around the world, has been partnering with ECA International since 2005 to successfully raise the company’s media profile and presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

Our Strategy

In order to effectively connect ECA International to its target audiences, convey their key messages to a targeted group of stakeholders and confirm their position as the preferred Human Resource Specialist EASTWEST PR carried out the following actions:

  • Secured speaking opportunities for key ECA International spokespeople.
  • Collaborated with ECA International and used their salary survey as content for editorial articles.
  • Ghost-wrote articles for the ECA International spokespeople on “living in Asia.”
  • Issued press releases written by the head office in London.
  • Arranged interviews for the spokespeople during their visit to Singapore.
  • Assisted in negotiating with local event organizers to provide sponsorship packages.
  • Monitored the competition to provide feedback on key themes and trends in the Singapore HR industry.
  • STED media lunches with The Straits Times and Human Resources Magazine.


As a result of EASTWEST PR’s efforts, ECA International’s surveys are increasingly used as a stepping stone to discussing social and economic issues, raising ECA’s profile amongst the general public and government bodies and giving rise to a constant stream of coverage every month.

ECA International Gets Noticed in The Straits Times

  • Client Testimony:

“EASTWEST PR has been supporting us with our marketing and PR efforts since 2005. It has been a successful relationship for us and EASTWEST has consistently come out with well thought-out strategies to maximize brand awareness for the company and its products. At a business level, this heightened awareness has augmented our sales pipeline globally, helping us meet and beat our targets frequently. They have facilitated a greater market awareness of ECA through various streams, such as events, PR and direct marketing. This has had a huge impact in our targeted markets in Asia (notably Singapore and Hong Kong). What has been particularly pleasing has been the performance of EASTWEST’s staff, who have consistently come up with ideas which suit our needs and they have always ensured that the client comes first. We appreciate the commitment and energy levels the EASTWEST team brings to the table and look forward to a long term partnership.”

Lee Quane, General Manager, ECA International

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