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GKN Launches Twinster In China With Ice Drive In Sweden

GKN launches Twinster in China with ice drive in Sweden

GKN Driveline, leading automotive engineering company, introduced Twinster to the market in Q1 2019. They approached EASTWEST PR to engage Chinese automotive journalists to test drive the new NEV enabled drivetrain in Sweden. Our team secured 4 journalists to travel with less than 3 weeks notice (just before Chinese New Year!) and lots of great driving was had, a little bump for one, but masses of tremendous coverage. The Shanghai office of GKN Driveline  noted an uptick in enquiries.

GKN’s technology on display in Arjeplog covers every configuration of vehicle driveline: its systems are applicable for ICE, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fully electric powertrains; plus front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, All-Wheel Drive and eAWD layouts. Its proprietary AWD Disconnect technologies are delivering premium yet highly efficient driveline options for OEMs, while its revolutionary ‘Twinster’ family of drive modules are fundamentally changing how power and torque are delivered to a vehicle’s wheels.

KN demonstrator vehicles at Wintertest 2019 GKN GTD19 – All-new development for 2019, this demonstrator incorporates a two-speed torque vectoring GKN eDrive system with a seamless ‘TorqueShift’ transmission concept GKN GTD18 – Demonstrator based on a heavily modified Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 employing GKN’s eTwinsterX rear axle, incorporating e-motor, two-speed e-transmission and torque vectoring by twin clutches; paired with a mechanical Twinster front axle Jeep Renegade – A production vehicle that employs AWD Disconnect technology with the GKN Booster electronic torque manager (ETM) system Opel Insignia – All-Wheel Drive production vehicle equipped with the GKN Twinster torque vectoring AWD system on the rear axle BMW M3 – Technology demonstrator that is unique in having a GKN Twinster unit on the main driven axle – a purely RWD sports saloon with enhanced dynamics and efficiency Volvo XC90 eAWD – A popular production vehicle that uses GKN’s award-winning Coaxial eAxle at the rear to deliver this plug-in hybrid eAWD model (badged as the T8 by Volvo) Volvo XC90 eTwinster – A technology demonstrator that builds on the system of the XC90 eAWD by using the torque vectoring eTwinster system in place of the conventional eAxle, showcasing improved dynamics and off-road capability.

Wintertest event timeline: 19/02 Day 1 – Travel from China to Stockholm 20/2 Day 2 – Travel via Stockholm/Gothenburg to Arvidsjaur and transfer to Arjeplog 21/2 Day 3 – Introduction to technology demonstrator and production vehicles, driving on the ice, interviews with key GKN executives 22/2 Day 4 – Depart from Arvidsjaur to Stockholm/Gothenburg and onwards to final destination 23/2 Day 5 – Depart to China if not possible to return on the 22nd

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