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Iceberg Launched The Game Of Oriental Empires In China

Iceberg launched the game of Oriental Empires in China

Situation Analysis:

Iceberg is a Dutch video game publisher with a very interesting title, which is called Oriental Empires. Although initially targeted to the western market, it has been very popular with the Asian market. Iceberg was looking to launch the game of Oriental Empires in China to promote this through a press release with various Chinese media and social channels so that attract more players attention.

The Approach:
EASTWEST PR assisted Iceberg in launching the game of Oriental Empires in China. To attract media and social media KOLs’ interests, the PR team used a variety of communication tools to maximize media attention.


Results Achieved:

  • press release was translated and issued, announcing the launch of Oriental Empires in China. The press release netted a combined 23 pieces of coverage in the targeted media.



  • 6 game keys were shared with 6 social media KOLs and journalists in the gaming industry and the feedbacks were quite positive.


GOD裁决,Generate 3525 views, 19 comments and 42 favorites

星云号,Generate 4850 views, 23 comments and 35 favorites


  • 2 game review article was written by Chuapp and 17173, and Chuapp generated over 3,000 likes within two days.



  • Chuapp’s Weibo campaign started from 1 Nov and lasted 5 days. The campaign resulted 260 people’s participated and 10 winners was announced on 6 Nov
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