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Irdeto At CASBAA, Beijing

Irdeto at CASBAA, Beijing


CASBAA Convention is an annual event with the purpose of promoting digital multichannel television, content, platforms, advertising and video delivery across Asiac, and with the pursuit of connecting the dots between Platforms, Channels, Technology and Partnerships.

Irdeto is one of the most advanced software security and media technology companies in the world.  EASTWEST Public Relations was commissioned by Irdeto to take charge of regional public relations and ultimately to raise the business image in Asia’s market through building the relations with the general and trade media in the APAC region. For CASBAA’s case, EASTWEST presented for on-site arrangement and media management.


  • In order to ensure the maximum media attention, EASTWEST identified the attractive angles, drafted media advisories and crafted press releases for targeted media.
  • Contacted local and regional media securing seven one-to-one interviews with CEO and Vice Presidents of Irdeto.
  • Organized and conducted media interviews.
  • Offered on-site media management with the presence of EASTWEST’s bilingual consultant.
  • Filmed and tweeted the panel session discussing media 3.0 with participation of Graham Kill, CEO of Irdeto, which increased positive media exposure
  • Media follow-up and coverage monitoring to help client get to know the ROI of the PR work.


  • Conducted seven media and analyst meetings around the show, including:

ž   South China Morning Post – Bien Perez, Senior Technology Reporter

ž   Content Asia – Janine Stein, Editorial Director

ž   Television Asia – Marc Checkley, Managing Editor

ž   Financial Times/ MergerMarkets, Natasha Khan, Asia Correspondant

ž   Interfax Asia – Teresa Yan, TMT Reporter

ž   SNL Kagan – Ben Reneker, Senior Analyst

ž   Ming Pao,- Patrick Lam, Reporter, Business News

  • Graham Kill’s view on media 3.0 was published by MingPao, one of the newspapers with the highest circulation in Hong Kong.
  • Data shows the positive sentiments about Irdeto increased 141% on October 29th compared with the middle of October (October 14th, the positive mentions about Irdeto are 12; the number raised to 29 on October 29th ) because of the launching of CASBAA PR plan that include press release distribution, on-site interview, video uploading & sharing and social media tweeting. More than 20 unique pieces of media coverage were generated on both print and electronic media, including MingPao, MarketWatch, and other online trade media.
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