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Irdeto Becomes A Stronger Presence In The Chinese Media Through Proactive PR Strategies

Irdeto Becomes a Stronger Presence in the Chinese Media through Proactive PR Strategies


The 19th annual China Content Broadcasting Network Exhibition (CCBN2011) took place from March 23 – 25, 2011. The exhibition, held at China International Exhibition Center (CIEC) in Beijing, was a meeting point for 1,000 exhibitors from 33 countries.  Spanning more than 69,000sqm of exhibition space, more than 85,000 trade visitors were sourced for some of the latest products and technology in the broadcast industry.

For Irdeto, CCBN represents a gathering of some of the most influential and important media, thought leaders, prospects and partners with whom it can share news, information and thought leadership ideas.

Interview with Patrick Chang with Satellite TV & IP Multimedia

To ensure Irdeto received maximum media attention from both print and online media, EASTWEST Public Relations used its experience and expertise to implement the following plan:


  • Strategy & Counsel: providing counsel on the key messages for the event as well as suggestions on target media. Drafting the PR campaign timeline and action plan.
  • Content Development:
    • Drafting show release and award release for the event.
    • Developing and distributing pitch emails in addition to preparing a briefing document for the spokespeople at each interview.
    • Syndicating Irdeto’s press releases, interviews, webcast videos, and event summaries on Sina Microblog and Youku.
  • Media Outreach: Disseminating the pitch email, press release and press kit to the target media and following-up with key trade and area reporters who were likely to cover the event, as well as media representatives who were pre-registered for the show.
  • Media Training: coaching spokespeople on interview skills in talking to reporters as well as developing and rehearsing key messages so they are able to achieve strategic objectives.
  • Spokesperson Photography: Arranging photography with two Chinese spokespeople.
  • Pay-Per-Click Campaign: Initiating a pay-per-click campaign on Googleto drive traffic that could help increase sales leads during Irdeto’s attendance at the event.
  • Event Management: providing on site-event support at the event, managing and facilitating the media continuously. Pre-briefing of Irdeto’s spokespeople during the one-to-one interviews.
  • Award Entry: Drafting the CCBN award entry in addition to coordinating on documentation submission to ensure that Irdeto wins award.
  • Reporting: monitoring media coverage before and after the event as well as producing the post-event and media-coverage report for Irdeto.
  • Translating thought-leadership articles provided by Irdeto from English to Chinese as well as placing contributed articles with the Chinese media.

Above: Irdeto interviewed at CCBN 2011


  • Within one week, there were three immediate coverages generated from the webcast interviews. Another four publications will publish more in-depth reports in April. In addition, there were 83 print and online media pick-ups of the CCBN press releases.
  • By proactively pitching to the media, EASTWEST successfully secured seven interviews via a variety of channels including telephone interview, webcast interview, and face-to-face interview.
  • After Irdeto’s winning of the CCBN Technology Innovation Award, EASTWEST issued a press release to announce the award win for Irdeto and generated 42 media clippings within 5 days.
  • EASTWEST initiated a pay-per-click campaign on Google to drive traffic that could help increase sales leads during Irdeto’s attendance at CCBN. The campaign generated 5417 views and 39 clicks.
Irdeto: Leading the industry for the future by focusing on innovation. Satellite TV & IP Multimedia 20 April,2011
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