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Morgan Cars Breaking Into The Chinese Market

Morgan cars Breaking into the Chinese market


Malvern Morgan Cars (Beijing) Co. Limited, the appointed general dealer in Beijing from Morgan Motor Company in the U.K. is announcing the opening of its 1st flagship showroom located in Beijing on June 18, 2013.

EASTWEST PR was appointed to help organize a press event for Morgan Cars’ showroom grand opening in Beijing on June 18. The aim of the press event is to spread the news among local and international media that Morgan Cars is officially available for Chinese customers to order, and Malvern Morgan Cars (Beijing) Co. Limited is the general authorized distributor for Morgan Cars in China. The event will also announce the “250 Wings” social responsibility campaign in partnership with WheelsPlusWings in China.

The scope of EASTWEST’s work included inviting a total of 30 media outlets from both the auto industry and general business publications to attend the opening from 4pm-6pm on June 18 at the Morgan Cars showroom, covering both English and Chinese language, arranging 5 media interviews with 3 of Morgan Cars’ spokespeople, including Jim James of Malvern Morgan cars, Stuart James of WheelsPlusWings, and Mr. Wu Duming of WUGO Style Clothing brand, press release translation, video production, and graphic design for promotional event materials.

EASTWEST delegated 6 bi-lingual consultants to be onsite to facilitate throughout the media activities, including: media reception, media management, translation, hosting, video filming and one-on-one interviews facilitation for Morgan Cars’ spokespeople.


EASTWEST leveraged a comprehensive PR approach to increase Morgan cars’ brand awareness among a wide range of local media from general business to the Auto industry, spread the news that Morgan cars can now be purchased in China through its appointed general dealer Malvin Morgan (Beijing) Co., Ltd within a period of 6 months, as well as announcing Morgan Cars’ “China 250 wings” Campaign with WheelsPlusWing to drive more attention to the Morgan brand. This included, but was not limited to:

– Coordinated with the British Embassy to ensure smooth communication in relation to press release content;

– Translated and distributed two press releases to local and international media after the event

– Drafted media invites, invited and secured 4 key industry and business media outlets to conduct one-on-one interviews

– Designed and produced press conference supporting material including press kit, roll-up and backdrop

– Organized and conducted media interviews

– Hosted and managed attending media prior to, during and after the press conference with the presence of EASTWEST’s bilingual consultants

– Conducted video filming of the event with presence of Morgan Cars’ spokesperson, VIP guests and media outlets in attendance

– Followed up with media and monitored ongoing coverage


– 2 press releases were translated and distributed throughout the event, resulting in a total of 45 media clippings

– 5 one-on-one media interviews conducted with Morgan Cars’ spokesperson by:

China Daily

Global Times

Sohu Auto


– 1 video interview was conducted with Jim James, managing Director of Managing Director of Morgan Cars (Beijing)

– 13 media outlet has published articles in relation to the event

– 4 media outlets published articles right after the event

– 11 media outlets has confirmed to public further news in the following weeks

Key media in attendance:

– The Telegraph每日电讯报

– The Irish Times爱尔兰时报

– The Times 泰晤士报

– ITN英国独立电视新闻

– China Daily 中国日报

– Sina Auto新浪车致

– Sohu Auto搜狐汽车

– Target商品媒介

– Ramp驾道

– Auto Car动感驾驭

– Car and Drive名车志

– ChinaLuxus 中奢网

Event photos:
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Media coverage:

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